KOZABIAT TEXTILE has established in 1996 and has been on its way of becoming a leader underwear and pajamas manufacturer company of Turkey.While KOZABIAT TEXTILE existing in domestic market, In Middle East , Asia and Europe with the motto of “Discover The Potential” represents the Turkey’s
manufacturing capacity.

KOZABIAT TEXTILE has two factories as one in Istanbul and the other is in Niğde which are totally occupying 18.000 m2 area and it employs 500 workers and its monthly production runs more than 2,000,000 units. Kozabiat Textile creating and developing its own collections.

New collections are introducing month based on the latest style and color trends according to global markets. Besides, the company quality is certified by
worldwide accepted certifiers such as SEDEX, EAC, ISO, UKR-SEPRO, BSCI.


By keep evolving our products, meeting our customer’s needs and desires appropriately. Be the most preferred underwear company with our lowest price, highest quality and fast delivery principles. Increasing our competitiveness in both Turkey and the World and reaching as much as possible numbers of people.


Being permanent and a brand worldwide with our wide range of products, reasonable prices and accurate quality.


“Monthly Capacity : 2.000.000 units
Number of Worker : 500 person
Price Interval : Competitive for high quality products
Factory : 8000 square meters in İstanbul and 10.000 square meters in Niğde
Collection :A new collection is introduced each month all-year-round based on the existing style and color trends in the market. It also does custom manufacturing based on demand.”


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